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We give our employees the tools to grow and the space to grow.

That’s why we have some of the best people in the business who are leveling up every day.


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Our gold standard is simply exceeding expectations, which is reflected in our 100% client retention rate.


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We are a team of professionals.

We welcome constructive feedback, and we’ll adapt our operations to suit your line of business!

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At Anubis Business Network, we believe that our strength lies in our diversity, expertise, and shared passion for excellence. Our team is a blend of seasoned professionals and dynamic young talents, each bringing a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Together, we strive to redefine the boundaries of digital marketing and media production.

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"The media strategies developed by Anubis Network are both ingenious and effective. Their deep understanding of the digital workspace has helped us navigate and establish a strong online presence."

Nick Perry Social Media Management

"We were struggling with our branding until we collaborated with Anubis Network. Their commercial branding solutions gave our products the visibility and recognition they deserved."

Credit Cartel Advertisng & Branding

"As a startup, we were looking for a media group that understood our vision and could translate it into impactful marketing campaigns. Anubis Network exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in digital marketing innovations has been instrumental in our growth."

Season Tourist Guide Social Media Marketing

"Partnering with Anubis Network transformed our digital presence. Their expertise in content marketing and media production is unparalleled. We saw a significant uptick in our brand engagement within months!"

Rise Capital
Rise Capital Branding & Design

"Working with Anubis Network was a game-changer for our advertising campaigns. Their videography brought the essence of Capital Dubai Mall to life, capturing the luxury and elegance that we represent. Their advertising strategies were spot-on, driving significant footfall to our mall. Highly recommended!"

Capital Dubai Mall Videography & Photagraphy

"Collaborating with Anubis Network was a seamless experience. Their videography team showcased our products in a light we hadn't seen before, and their advertising expertise ensured that our message reached our target audience effectively. A partnership we truly value."

Sony Videography

"In an industry where showcasing product quality is paramount, Anubis Network delivered exceptional videography that highlighted the superiority of our cables. Their advertising campaigns were innovative and reached our B2B clients effectively. Outstanding work!"

El Sewedy Cables Videography

"Capturing the essence of a Porsche requires a keen eye and a deep understanding of luxury. Anubis Network's videography did just that, making our cars look even more stunning. Their advertising strategies resonated with our target audience, driving impressive engagement rates."

Porsche Egypt Videography

"Education requires clarity, and Anubis Network's videography provided just that, making our courses and teaching methods shine. Their advertising campaigns were tailored to our niche, attracting numerous new students to our institute. A partnership we're proud of."

Studio Arabiya Institute Videography

"In the fast-paced world of ride-hailing, Anubis Network's videography captured the efficiency and comfort of our services brilliantly. Their advertising campaigns were innovative, helping us stand out in a competitive market. Truly top-notch services!"

Careem Videography

"Entertainment is all about the experience, and thanks to Anubis Network's videography, we could share the joy and thrill of Dream Park with a wider audience. Their advertising strategies brought in record numbers of visitors. We couldn't be happier!"

Dream Park Videography

"Tech products require a delicate balance of showcasing innovation and functionality. Anubis Network's videography for our latest products was nothing short of spectacular. Their advertising campaigns were well-researched and highly effective. A collaboration we look forward to continuing."

Huawei Videography

Clients Feedback

We treat our clients like our business partners and all we want is to be a part of their success story, it only takes a leap of faith to be our next success story!


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